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Donating & Volunteering


Bottom line is money is always a benefit to a charity like ours. We have ongoing maintenance costs throughout the year and sometimes major components go wrong which needs to be fixed or bought from new.

If you can at all help us financially by raising funds through a collection within your office or at a local school or a charity fundraising then, you would really be making a difference.

Please make out cheques payable to Number Five Project and, if posted, sent to:
Number Five Project, 3-5 York Road, Guildford. GU1 4DR.

Thank-you so much.

Alternatively, follow the link to our Virgin Money Giving page here >>

Download your sponsorship form here >>

If you can help us with donations of foodstuffs or household goods, we have a quick list of current items we could really use below. Please do make sure any food donated is in date, in unopened packaging and derives from a commercial kitchen or from someone with a current food hygiene certificate. Thanks again.




Number Five has a small core of staff but is greatly aided by both regular and occasional volunteers who bring a breadth of talent to help out!

Currently we're not looking for any more volunteers to help of an evening, but if you have a skill like painting, plumbing, electrical work , window cleaning etc. all little things that help our service give back to the homeless in your local borough of Guildford, then please do get in touch.

Are there any obligations once I have offered to help?  There are no obligations in terms of the level of commitment or regularity: you might wish to offer your help as a one-off event, occasionally, or on a more regular basis, it is entirely up to you but we appreciate any community spirit 🙂

Due to the nature of the work we also ask that all volunteers must be aged over twenty-one years. However, due to the nature of our work and our responsibility towards you and others, we ask all potential volunteers to read health & safety information and complete some paperwork before they start volunteering with us.