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Things we need this month

Number Five would like to welcome you to our new page. Here is our "Things We Need " page .

If you would like to donate to our service with anything from our lists below then we would really appreciate it. Our amazon list will be delivered straight to us, so please let us know whose bought it so we can say Thank You and our food donations can be dropped off to us during our working hours of 8am - 10am or 6pm - 10pm . If you would like to fund raise for us then please head over to that page for more details

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A massive thank you to a company that goes by the name of Dial a Dump . Tim  generously donated  his time to our night shelter to clean our grounds outside with rubbish that has been left here over the years.  Tim was professional and efficient and if you are considering a dump run but don't have the time or the transport then please book with them , you wont be disappointed. They even take white goods and are licensed, and  registered with CheckATrade and Surrey Trading Standards.




Jams – All varieties /Spreads / Curds / Set Honey / Peanut Butter

Tins – Baked Beans/ Spaghetti/ Chopped Tomatoes / Kidney, Butter or Cannellini Beans / Green Lentils/ Custard/Fruit/ Fray Bentos Pies / Ham / Corned Beef / Hot Dogs / New Potatoes / Condensed Milk.

Jars – Pickled Onions / Cooking sauces / Branston / Beetroot / Gherkins

Condiments - Mint, Apple, Worcester, Brown, Mustard, Tomatoes, Soy BBQ or Horseradish Sauces / Piccalilli/ Vinegar / Gravy / Salad Cream / Mayonnaise.

Drinks – Tea /Coffee / Decaf / Hot Chocolate/ Malted Milk / Ovaltine / Squash / UHT Milk

Cereals – Any varieties however we have a lot of Weetabix, Cornflakes and Porridge Oats

Dried Food – Basmati Rice, Pasta and/or Spaghetti / Cuppa Soups / Pot Noodles / Mug Snacks / Self-Raising or Plain flour / Crackers / Sugar

Snack Food – Biscuits / Cakes/ Crisps / Chocolate / Cereal Bars / Sweets /

Other Items – Toilet rolls / Antibacterial Spray / Washing Up Clothes / Paper cups / Floor Cleaner/ Shaving Foam/ Washing Powder / Fabric Conditioner / Dishwasher Tablets.



Porridge Oats + Weetabix  / Strawberry Jam  /Tuna/ Chopped Tomatoes/ Orange Squash / Sweetcorn / Marmalade